The Workforce Scholarship Application is open from September 17th through June 30, 2019

The scholarship application is open to any student currently enrolled or planning to enroll in a workforce or continuing education training programs at Houston Community College. 

How to Apply

  1. Click on the following link
  2. First time applicants will need to register by creating a unique username and password to begin the application.
  3. Returning applicants may sign in using the email and password they created previously. 
  4. Once you have logged in click on “Application” in order to begin answering the questions on the application. ALL sections of the application must be complete.  As you complete each section of the application, each header will have the “Completed” under the header.
  5. If any section of the application headers has the words “In Progress” under it, this means there are still questions that need to be answered in that section.
  6. During the application process, you can save and return later to complete the application.
  7. Please check your dashboard to make sure that you have completed all sections of the application. If you do not receive a message at the end stating, "You did it! Nothing left to complete. Way to go! You have not successfully completed the application process. 

*Please note: All communication will be sent via email. No information will be given over the phone.



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