How to Establish a Named Scholarship

With a gift of $10,000 or more (effective September 1, 2017), donors may fund a named scholarship to establish a legacy or honor another's memory or achievements. Donors may designate a set of specific criteria for the scholarship if they choose to do so.  To speak with someone regarding starting a scholarship fund, please call 713-718-8595 or email

Endowed Gifts

Endowments allow donors to make stable philanthropic investments with significant yearly returns that can guarantee support for the college and students into the future. With a gift of $25,000 or more, an endowment can be established to fund many types of programs and activities, including scholarships, distinguished chairs, and professorships.


By funding endowed scholarships, donors help ensure that future students are able to pursue a higher education regardless of their financial situation. HCC also gratefully accepts non-endowed scholarship gifts, which provide one-time, immediate financial assistance for HCC students.

Planned Giving

With Planned Giving, dedicated donors may leave a legacy at HCC. To learn more, please visit our Planned Giving section.  For more information about Planned Giving or establishing endowments or scholarships, please contact HCC Foundation Executive Director at 713-718-8595 or

"The scholarships were really what kept me in school when I had exhausted all my own funds. Thankfully they always came at the right moment."

Jesus Guardiola, Teacher
HCC Scholarship Recipient, Home: Houston

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