HCC Foundation Scholarships

General Requirements

A wide variety of scholarships are available to Houston Community College students through the HCC Foundation. Most scholarships require that the student be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours at HCC per semester; many require enrollment in 9 or 12 credit hours per semester. Applicants will be considered for every scholarship for which they appear eligible. In addition, some scholarships have specific requirements, such as an audition or submission of a portfolio. If you are considered for one of these scholarships, you will be contacted to provide the proper documentation or schedule an audition.  Please do not send information in advance.

HCC Foundation Scholarship Listing

Albert & Ethel Herzstein Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Andrea White Endowed Scholarship

Anne McCormick Sullivan Firefighter Scholarship

Arab American Educational Foundation Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

ARAMARK HCCS Colleges Scholarship

ASPIRE Scholarship

Assistance League of Houston V.A.S.T. Scholarship

Association of Women in Academia (AWA) Scholarship

AT&T Foundation Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

AWQAF USA Scholarship

Baker Botts Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Bank Teller Training Scholarship (Wells Fargo Teller Training)

Billie Bath Perlman Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Black History Scholarship

Blueridge Fire Department Scholarship

BP Petroleum Engineering Technology Scholarship

British American Foundation of Texas Scholarship (BAFTX)

Carlos Najera Memorial Scholarship

Carmen V. Orta Memorial Endowed Scholarship

CCPI ExxonMobil Scholarship

CenterPoint Energy Endowed Scholarship

Central College Dance Scholarship

Charley Wootan TG Scholarship

Charlie Mae & Johnye Memorial Scholarship

Clutch City Foundation Scholarship

COE Material Science & Logistic

David and Jean Wiley Foundation Scholarship

Direct Energy HVAC Scholarship

Disabled American Veterans James T. Hall Chapter 9 Scholarship

Dorothy Loring Lane Scholarship

Dr. Betty Young Scholarship

Dr. Cesar Maldonado Scholarship

Dr. Charles Cook Scholarship

Dr. Doretha Eason Educational Scholarship

Dr. Michael P. Williams Scholarship

Dr. Pat Williamson Scholarship

Dr. Ruth Burgos-Sasscer Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Zachary Hodges Engineering Scholarship

Edric Wilson, Sr. Scholarship

Encore Capital Group Scholarship

Engineering Scholarship Fund

Estelle R. Cameron Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Evangeline K. Irving Scholarship

Executive Challenge Scholarship

Father Antonio, JS Scholarship

Floyd M. Kearns and Deborah T. Kearns Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Frank Armenta Student Leadership Scholarship

Fred and Mabel Parks Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Fulfilling The Dream Scholarship

Gap Fashion Merchandising Scholarship

Gene HAAS Scholarship

Glenda & David Regenbaum Scholarship

GETI Global Energy Training Institute (GETI) Scholarship

Golden Bank, N. A. Scholarship Fund

Grainger Workforce Development Scholarship

Harriet and Joe Foster Foundation YMCA Scholarship

HCC Faculty and Staff Scholarship

HCC Finance and Administration Department Scholarship

HCC Foundation Annual Scholarship

HCC Foundation Emergency Student Scholarship

Heinen Fine Arts Endowed Scholarship

Hispanic Scholarship Council Scholarship

Honorary Bob G. Bibb Fashion and Interior Design Scholarship

Houston Area Fiber Artists Endowed Scholarship

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Endowed Scholarship

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Public Safety Institute Safety Net Scholarship

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Technical Scholarship

Houston Radiological Society Endowed Scholarship

Houston Texans Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston Scholarship

Houston Texans Scholarship for Service

HSI STEM Endowed Scholarship

International Student Scholarship

J.B. and Paula Whiteley Endowed Scholarship

Jagdish Chokshi Scholarship

Jaime Davis Memorial Scholarship

Janice Sutton Memorial Scholarship

Jerel Wesley Harris Memorial Scholarship

Jim Box Endowed Scholarship

Joan and Joe Ainsworth Visual Arts Scholarship

John C. Sefert and Family Memorial Endowed Scholarship

John Quinones Scholarship

Jose L. Jimenez State Farm Agent Scholarship

Joseph A. "Jay" Smith Scholarship

Josephine Ramirez Nelson Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Joyce Reynolds Memorial Scholarship

Juta Kurm Warren Memorial Scholarship

Kathrine G. and John P. McGovern Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Kathy Housel Continuing Education Endowed Scholarship

Katy Rotary Foundation Scholarship

Kay King Scholarship

Lane-Sameei Petroleum Engineering Technology Scholarship

Manhattan Construction Scholarship

Marjorie Goldberg Lott Accounting Scholarship

Marsha Ann Wooldridge Scholarship

Mary E. Stephenson Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Mary Nell Reck Culinary Scholarship

Mary Thomas Marshall Choral Choir Scholarship

Medical Assistant Scholarship

Minority Male Initiative Endowed Scholarship

Morales Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Mr. Clifford & Dr. Mary S. Spangler Endowed Scholarship

Mrs. Ginger Blanton Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Music Doing Good PLC College-Bound Fund Scholarship

Neeta Sane District VII HCC Trustee Workforce Scholarship

Northwest Student Orientation Scholarship

NW Dual Credit Scholarship

Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Opportunity 14 Scholarship

Presidents' Round Table Minority Male Initiative Scholarship

Psychology Achievers Scholarship

Radia Enterprises Endowed Scholarship

Ralph & Ann Williams Scholarship

Real Estate Scholarship

Red Cat Jazz Preservation Society Scholarship

Representative Kevin Bailey Endowed Scholarship

RigOne Scholarship

Rita Kelly Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Robert Emery Memorial Public Safety Institute Scholarship

Robert Garner Firefighter Scholarship

Ross Castillo Endowed Scholarship

Rudy T. Classic Golf Tournament Scholarship

Sahni Family Scholarship

Scaffolding Scholarship

Schlumberger Science & Engineering Technology Scholarship

Sembradores de Amistad Educational Foundation Scholarship

Skanska USA Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship 

Society of Iranian American Women for Education Scholarship

Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section Scholarship

Society of Photographers in Industry Endowed Scholarship

Southeast College Scholarship

Southeast Engineering Scholarship

Southeast President's STEM Scholarship

Southwest Intensive English Program Endowed Scholarship

Substance Abuse Counselor Scholarship

Texas Executive Women Scholarship

The Industrial Company Endowed Scholarship

The Professional Group Workforce Scholarship

UT Tyler MMI Scholarship

Welcome Home Veterans Scholarship

Wells Fargo HCC Central Endowed Scholarship

Wells Fargo HCC Coleman Endowed Scholarship

Wells Fargo HCC Southwest College Endowed Scholarship

West Houston Center for Science and Engineering Scholarship

William M. Coats Opportunity 14 Endowed Scholarship

Willie Lee Gay Hall Scholarship

Women's Business Support Network Endowed Scholarship

Workforce ATCP Scholarship

Workforce Career Pathways Scholarship

WT Greenwood, Jr. Engineering Scholarship


If you have any questions regarding the scholarships that are listed, please contact the HCC Foundation Office at 713-718-8595 or by email at foundation@hccsfoundation.org

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