Giving to Houston Community College

Every year, generous people like you ‒ alumni, friends, parents, students, faculty and staff ‒ show their support for Houston Community College. Your investment reflects a bold belief that access to higher education changes lives and betters our community.

Annual giving donations from many people are often combined to do big things, such as fund scholarships, support food security for students, provide grants for faculty initiatives and more.

HCC Scholarships Help Houston and the People Who Live Here

An HCC education has a profound and direct impact on both the city of Houston and its citizens. At one-fifth the cost of Texas universities, HCC makes higher education a reality for tens of thousands of Houston-area residents every year.

But even HCC's modest tuition and fees can present obstacles for some people. Two-thirds of our credit students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Open enrollment gives them a chance to improve their skills and knowledge - but only if they can afford it.

Your contributions will help Houston students gain access to higher education and complete their degree or certificate.

Every Gift Makes a Real Difference

  • College graduates with an associate degree will earn an average of $510,000 more over their lifetime than those with only a high school diploma.
  • Each taxpayer dollar invested in a community college yields $3 in benefits in regional economic development.
  • HCC returns over $1 billion to the local economy each year through the earnings of former students, faculty, and staff.

Gifts of Any Size Go a Long Way at HCC

  • Tuition and fees at HCC are 20% of the cost of those at Texas's public universities.
  • $5600 will pay for an Associates Degree
  • $2800 will pay for Once Year Full Time
  • $1400 will pay a semester of tuition and fees for a full-time.
  • $830 will pay for A Laptop**
  • $512 will pay for 2 Classes* Part-Time
  • $280 will pay for 1 Class* Part-Time
  • $130 will cover books for One Class*** 
  • Other amounts may help a professor to start a creative program to enhance student learning.

To give to the HCC Foundation, please visit our Donate Now page.

*Based on 60 semester credit hours at $93.50 per credit hour (in district tuition & fees) 2019-20 rates

** Cost of a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 2in1i5 from

***Cost of Psychology textbook for one class


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