Private Scholarships

Private (or Outside) Scholarships are those scholarships that are awarded to students by an organization other than Houston Community College (HCC). Students may be eligible for an outside award from a variety of sources including employers, unions, professional organizations, community, religious and special interest groups. These types of scholarships have specific application, eligibility requirements, and deadlines that are set by the donor organization.  

Private Scholarship Donors
If you are funding a scholarship for any HCC student(s), we are pleased to work with you to support our students with a designated scholarship. There are several ways to make payment to fund your scholarships:

Payment Options
Online Payment
- Click here to pay online with Check or Credit Card

Mailing a check
1. Download, complete and print the accompanying form. Click here to download form.

2. Mail check and form to: 
    HCC Foundation
    Attn: Advancement Services - Private Scholarships
    3100 Main St., Suite 12B12
    Houston, TX 77002
    Please make check payable to: Houston Community College Foundation

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the HCC Foundation team at or by phone at 713-718-8595.

International Students
For information about reporting scholarships and making payments for international student(s), please click here

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