Annual Faculty & Staff Employee Giving Campaign

The annual Faculty & Staff Campaign embraces the "I LOVE HCC" theme and spotlights the giving hearts of HCC employees.
We are celebrating HCC's amazing faculty and staff and what inspires YOU to make a personal donation in support of HCC students and programs!

Select PAYROLL DEDUCT or make a ONE-TIME GIFT to make your donation on behalf of HCC student success.



Eagles Helping Eagles.
HCC Employees Help Our Students Soar with Your Giving Hearts!

Together, we make a difference. Together, we are HCC Strong. 

THANK YOU for your support on behalf of HCC students. ALL gifts make a difference.

Join HCC Chancellor Dr. Margaret Ford Fisher In Giving:

2024 Employee Giving Campaign.Chancellor Dr. Ford Fisher Why I Give

Why Do You Give?
We would love to hear what inspires you to make a donation in support of HCC student success!
Drop us a line at annual.giving@hccsfoundation.org.

Take a moment to make your gift today - thank you!



You can split your donation up to two funds of your choosing or opt to contribute to "Area of Greatest Need". Gifts are welcome year-round and make a difference on behalf of our students.

THANK YOU to all HCC faculty and staff who give generously to support HCC Student Success!

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“Your scholarship is about more than money.It is your encouragement that has helped me to move on.”- HCC Foundation Scholarship Student



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