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People who have received scholarships while attending Houston Community College know firsthand how much a scholarship can help students complete their higher education.

Here are some of their stories:

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By meeting my educational goals,
I am able to go into the community
and inspire and educate others on
how to pursue their goals and dreams.
Zoeieann Smart Townsend,
HCC Student

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The scholarships I received helped
relieve the financial stress of having
only one income and tremendously helped me in moving toward my career goals.
Nancy Berkey,
HCC Student

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My parents ingrained in me that education was something I needed
to succeed. I just didn't know how
I would pay for it.
Sonia Barron,

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That free year of college was very helpful. I'm making good money now, and I don't owe anybody anything.
Rafael Granados,
Automotive Technician

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Even when I wasn't in school, I was a big advocate of education. I just felt it was out of my reach financially.
Clarissa Durand-Rougely

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The scholarships were really what kept me in school when I had exhausted all my own funds. Thankfully they always
came at the right moment.
Jesus Guardiola,

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People don't realize the benefits you get from helping people and giving of yourself. This is the hardest job I've ever done, but it's very rewarding.
Charles Wellington,
Cardiovascular Nurse

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I have found that when you step out in faith, people will help you along your path. I was highly honored to receive a scholarship that allowed
me to work part time while
attending school full time.
Jennifer Beazley,
Nursing Student

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Getting a scholarship allowed me to concentrate on my education and finish my HCC degree in two years. I graduated with the highest honors and was able to get the GPA I
wanted to transfer to U of H.
Mona Meghani,
University of Houston senior
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