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HCC Foundation Scholarship

What types of scholarships are offered by the HCC Foundation? 
The HCC Foundation offers scholarships for students enrolled in SCH (semester credit hour) and CEU (continuing education unit) courses at Houston Community College. 

If I receive a Pell Grant, loan or outside private scholarship am I eligible to apply for a scholarship through the HCC Foundation?
Yes.  You can apply; scholarships offered by the HCC Foundation do not interfere with any additional financial aid a student may receive from other sources.

Can international students apply for scholarships through the Foundation?
Yes, some scholarships offered by the HCC Foundation do not have a citizenship requirement.

I completed the scholarship application.  When will I be awarded?
If the HCC Foundation is able to offer you a scholarship, you will receive notification via email with instructions on how to proceed.  Please note that applying for a scholarship does not guarantee award.

How will I know if I received a scholarship?
Scholarship offers are sent to the applicant’s HCC student email address. If you are offered a scholarship by the HCC Foundation, you must complete all post-acceptance items on or before the deadline.  Email questions regarding HCC Foundation scholarships to

Will I be notified if I am not offered a scholarship?
Yes, you will receive email notification if we are unable to offer you a scholarship. 

I was awarded a scholarship but I didn’t use it all, when do I get my refund?
Scholarships awarded by the HCC Foundation are non-refundable.  Unused funds revert to the HCC Foundation at the end of the academic year.

I received a scholarship but I did not use all the funds and I am transferring to another institution.  Can I take the remainder of my scholarship with me?
Scholarships awarded by the HCC Foundation are for use at HCC only.  Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer any remaining funds to another institution.  Per our agreement with donors, scholarship funding is for use at Houston Community College.

What can I use my HCC Foundation awarded scholarship for?
Scholarships awarded by the HCC Foundation are for tuition, fees and purchases at any HCC Bookstore only.  

I have a private scholarship, who can I contact for assistance?
If you received a Private Scholarship, please email your inquiry to  A financial aid representative will be able to assist you.

The HCC Financial Aid Department can assist students with the following information:
All Loans, TPEG, Grants,  Honors Scholarship, Impact Scholarship and the Chancellor’s Scholarship. 

For assistance please email:

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