Outside Scholarships

Below are resources that can help you obtain financial assistance to pay for college. In searching for scholarships, beware of any organization that asks you to pay a fee!

FAFSA – For government loans and grants
It is especially important that you complete the FAFSA application for financial aid. The United States government and the state of Texas offer students a variety of types of financial support—including grants that do not have to be paid back. Completing the form takes a little time, but your effort can pay off in thousands of extra dollars to fund your education. 

FastWeb – Search the Internet for scholarships right for you
FastWeb is a free online scholarship search tool that allows you to search for scholarships that match your individual background, interests, and experience.

FinAid – Learn about financial aid and search the Internet for scholarships
FinAid is another free site that answers questions about student financial aid and steers you toward scholarships that match your profile.

Students.gov – Plan for college and identify sources of financial aid
Students.gov is a government site that directs you to financial assistance and helps you plan for college.



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