2020 Faculty and Staff Campaign Goes Virtual!


"For many, education is the way out or the way up. Through its expansive selection of education programs, HCC changes lives, and I am happy to contribute to that." - Evelyn McClain

HCC students need our support, now more than ever, at this challenging time to help them overcome financial struggles and stay on track with their classes to graduate.

YOUR generous support makes all the difference for our students in need.

By joining with your fellow HCC colleagues in making a donation to the annual Faculty & Staff Campaign, we can do something bigger than ourselves. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we are HCC Strong. 

Thank You for your support on behalf of HCC students. ALL gifts make a difference.

Did you know? A donation of just $10 a paycheck via payroll deduct helps pay for a class for an in-district student.

Thank You to Our In-Kind Donors!
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There will be a grand-prize drawing for a laptop and accessory package.

Drawings will be held throughout campaign for all contributors of $10 or more. 

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