Voices of Gratitude: Scholarship Recipient Testimonials

Sohee Park, HCC Foundation Scholarship Ambassador


Voices of Gratitude: Student Success Stories 

Brittaney Wilmore

Yolanda Sandoval

Peyton Middleton

Brittany Pacheco

Yesika Vega Palacios


Voices of Gratitude: Scholarship Recipient Quotes 


"I hope one day that I will also be able to help other students reach their goals in higher education by assisting them in the same way you are helping me. Thank you for your generosity."
Ngolo Sanogo, HCC Foundation Scholarship Ambassador

"My lifelong dream of providing a better life for my kids is moving forward, thank to generous educational scholarships like yours. My dream is becoming a reality at HCC."
William Patrick, HCC Foundation Annual Scholarship

"I am not ashamed to ask for support. I am ashamed to give up... Thank you for your willing heart to help those with a desire to succeed."
Sohee Parks, HCC Foundation Scholarship Ambassador

"My wife and I are just starting our lives together. Returning to school is costly, but necessary. Your generosity allows us to work toward our collective future and we are incredibly grateful. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me."
Francisco Estrada, EHCMA Workforce Development Scholarship

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