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People who have received scholarships while attending Houston Community College know firsthand how much a scholarship can help students complete their higher education.

Here are just a few of their stories:

"My parents ingrained in me that education was something I needed to succeed. I just didn’t know how I would pay for it."

Sonia Barron, Accountant
HCC Scholarship Recipient
Home: Houston

As a basketball player for Northbrook High School, Sonia Barron had to keep her grades up. Even so, like most students she was not the kind of academic star who receives scholarships.

“My parents ingrained in me that education was something I needed to succeed,” says Sonia. “I just didn’t know how I would pay for it.”

The “how” of paying for college became clearer to her when she applied to Houston Community College. An HCC professor believed in her and encouraged her to apply for an HCC scholarship that paid for her tuition and books. Others invited her to participate in programs such as the Emerging Leaders Program and Houston Hispanic Forum Career and Education Day.

“As a first-generation student, I found HCC was very helpful,” says Sonia. “We got one-on-one attention, we were able to be in smaller classes, and I didn’t feel lost on a huge campus.” She also felt a sense of belonging among HCC’s diverse student population.

After completing her core courses, Sonia eventually transferred to a university, where she earned a degree in accounting. She is now a successful revenue accountant for a major Houston oil and gas group.

“Someone who guides you through a transition period in your life can become a role model that will last a lifetime,” says Sonia. She hopes someday to provide similar help to others.

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