The mission of the Black History Committee 100 Club is clear: It exists to provide college scholarships to outstanding students attending Houston Community College. With your help, more students will be able to earn their college degrees.

The BHC 100 Club is an exclusive club that recognizes BHC donors that donate $100 and above, annually.

Annual membership in the BHC 100 Club extends March 1st - end of February in following calendar year.

Inaugural Members



Antrece Baggett

Karla Bender

Denise Boyd

Madeline Burillo

Shar-day Campbell

Sylvia Careta

CenterPoint Energy

Donnell Cooper, BHC Co-Chair

Lisa Crawford, BHC Committee Member

Veronica Douglas, BHC Committee Member

Linda Downing-Adkinson

Otis Drew

Otis Drew Jr.

Theryl Drew

Gwen Drumgoole, BHC Committee Member

William Drumgoole

Michael Edwards, BHC Committee Member

Carolyn Evans-Shabazz

Reagan Flowers, HCC Trustee, District IV

Betty Fortune

Fun Da Mentals for Education

Sheryl George-Jones, BHC Committee Member 

Robert Glaser, HCC Trustee, District V

Shantay Grays

Greater Houston Frontiers Club

Debbie C. Hamilton

Hillary Harmon


Zandra Henderson, BHC Committee Member 

Aaron Henry

Honesty Construction Group

HCC Foundation

Belinda Hunter

Warren Hurd

Ken & Tracy Janda

Cassaundra Jackson

Felita Johnson








Stephanie Jones, BHC Committee Member

Mildred Joseph

Alice M. Lee 

Cynthia Lenton-Gary, HCC Trustee, District VII

Eva L. Loredo, HCC Trustee, District VIII

Renee Mack

HCC Chancellor Cesar Maldonado, Ph.D., P.E. 

Ryan McCauley

Debra McGaughey, BHC Committee Member

Robert McCracken

Vikki McCullough

Terrence Medearis

The Honorable Senator Borris Miles

Monique Morgan, BHC Committee Member

Norma Perez

Cydney Peters

James Pope

Erin Prestage

Fheryl Prestage, BHC Co-Chair

Fort Bend County Commissioner Grady Prestage

PrimeWay Federal Credit Union

David Regenbaum


Monica Flores Richart, HCC Trustee, District 1

Lesley Savoy-Green

Karen Schmidt

Beryl Shorter

E. Ashley Smith

Louis Smith

Pretta VanDible Stallworth, HCC Trustee, District IX

Summus Industries

Courtney Taylor

Mia Taylor

David Wilson, HCC Trustee, District VI

Witty Inventions LLC

                         Remmele J. Young










Thank you to our members for your support of the BHC 100 Club!

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