Faculty Grants and Awards

The Houston Community CollegeĀ Foundation encourages faculty members to explore creative ideas for teaching or enriching student learning. We support such innovation with grants that provide partial or complete funding of accepted projects. Faculty members may submit their proposals to the FoundationĀ online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who may apply for faculty grants?
Full-time HCC faculty members, including teaching faculty, librarians, counselors and staff, and instructional services personnel.

What types of projects will the HCC Foundation help fund?
The HCC Foundation Board of Directors gives priority to innovative faculty proposals designed to improve student learning.

What will the HCC Foundation not fund?
The HCC Foundation Board of Directors does not fund cost of food or entertainment associated with projects or events.

Will the Foundation automatically renew funding for the same project over a period of years?
As a rule, the HCC Foundation prefers to fund new projects rather than repeat projects. No funding will be automatically renewed.

What is the deadline for proposal submissions?
Time-sensitive proposals should be submitted to the HCC Foundation at least one month prior to the next quarterly board meeting in order to receive consideration. The due dates are typically held in August, October, February, and April of each fiscal year.

How can faculty and staff members apply for grants?
All applications must be completed online. Once we have received your application, we may contact you to discuss the project's details, including your budget.

What are the Foundation’s accountability requirements for approved grants?
Grant recipients will be required to provide original receipts for all expenditures and, after 12 months, a one-page report about their project’s results. The HCC Foundation fully supports the experimental nature of these projects and understands that some will not lead to desired results. However, regardless of the outcome, all grant recipients are expected to complete funded projects as they are described in their proposal request. Otherwise, they will be required to return funds to the Foundation for distribution to other worthy candidates.

Who can I contact for more information about the HCC Foundation’s grants?
Please call the Foundation’s main number at 713-718-8595.

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